Sunday, April 29, 2007

Uber T's for the modern bourgeoisie

Milton Glasser

Welcome to Brighton


Tide to the tide
Wave of waves

look here, the summer season of Uber T's are back from the printers and looking really good. Printed on super soft fair trade cotton made with no nasty stuff. Each T is signed by the artist and numbered in limited editions of 100.
£19 + P&P Available in Small Medium and Large.

If you're interested in stocking Uber you can drop me a line at

Close up of Tide to the tide.

Close up of Wave of waves


Mick said...

Love them SeaMouse. How big is big?
Also, thought you might like this lady's work.
Your UberT type reminds me of her approach.
Best. M.

clayfin said...

only 100? Put me down for a Large Milton Glasser "I heart fish". How am I going to pay you??? e-mail at

clayfin said...

never mind, didn't see the shopping cart first time around.

seamouse said...

Mick, The typeography on that site is beautiful! really inspiring stuff, thanks for the link. T chest sizes are:
Small - 39"
Medium - 41"
Large - 44"
and all a fitted cut.

mel said...

Wow - some lovely original ideas here seamouse! I love the idea of having one of only 100 signed originals!Which to choose...Mm?... BIG decisions!

Anonymous said...

Love the designs! Could I send some $ with Marlin Bacon and have him bring back a couple from the fish fry? You need to look for him. He'll be touting the ultra bamboo, glass on and lokbox fins. You might want to put lokbox in that fish your preppin for the show.

Anyway I just thought that I might be able to cut back on the shipping. But then again I might miss the boat and not get any shirts at all.

seamouse said...

I'll be taking shirts to the fish fry for sure. If you want to get someone to pick up some for you it shouldn't be a problem.
Lokbox is king of the fin systems in my book but nothing beats a nice glassed on fin. I like that extra twang!

Anonymous said...

don't know why i haven't seen this blog before, but am super stoked to have found it now!

rob70 said...

Dude, I can't order! Can you open it up to US shipments?

seamouse said...

Rob, Should all be fixed now. If you still have problems just e-mail me at

superHaole said...

awesome shirts.

brighton or wave of waves!

nice work seamouse.