Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Beach bag burnout

Canvas tote bags with one of a kind hand drawn art by the seamouse
(seriously, I couldn't do the same pattern twice even if I wanted too).
15x 17" All signed and numbered 1 of oh so exclusive 1.
Hip hipsters can purchase the designs below or request a personal commission.
If interested just contact Helloseamouse@pinnipedstudios.com

Click Images for bigger


Jamie Watson said...

Wow Seamouse, I love these! I'm going to email you.

Marie Louise said...

Lovely bags - you're very talented. I'm just discovering your blog - lots of great stuff. I used to live in the U.K. (London) but I am back in the States. Will have to visit the other side of the pond through blogs like yours!

peter.robinson said...

Hello mate
My phone is on the blink - I would like the top one for the missus.
Believe it or not... planning ahead for Christmas (so don't mention it)!
Cheers, Pete