Friday, July 18, 2008

Lewis & Lewis

Lino Cut for a book of my fathers poetry that I'm illustrating.


Jamie Watson said...

It's a beautiful lino cut, and it's exciting to know that your Dad is a poet!

seamouse said...

The Poem:

I believe in green and the colour of wheat,
the weight of years framed by wood and ash,
the wonder of those years - I believe
in the single gesture that is a round flower.
I do not subscribe to the wheeling of suns
in their laggard fall, and neither to the gossip
of stars; I am not one to make months and separations
out of the sky. But I shall find summer when I thirst,
and when the ducks teach yeses to their children
in the lake then alone, I shall know it is spring.
I believe in the multi-curious grey
of paperbark trees, in the guilty hang
of their branches and the waste of their leaves
some days I may peel a flaking stretch of arm
for my trophy, and with it I shall make
an honest liturgy from our paired skins
I believe in the narrative of a good day
the whole that is start to finish built
with the smell of black, courageous earth;
I believe that what goes up and comes down
is happier for the journey, and that dirt
is the most deserving kiss to the soul
Seek then the voice within the body
and a gate within the mind; seek then a smile
before that gate. Many a man holds
such architecture in his face;
I hold mine in my hand.

Jamie Watson said...

That is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read. I am so glad you shared it.

ikkinlala said...

The lino cut is gorgeous, as is the poem.

Eef said...

This is soooo beautifull! Thanks for posting this!