Saturday, August 30, 2008

Goodness Coming

There's some art shows that I'm getting involved in that are getting me pretty excited.'There is no surf in england' is going to be showing homegrown talent from the UK. Event's like this don't happen too often in the UK so it should be a stunner. Super bonus is that Neil Halstead (from Mojave 3) will be playing.

The 'Il Santos Surfart Festival' is going to be awesome. Only in it's second year it's got some of the best surf related artists around and I'm honored to be representing Europe. Plus check out that sight for sore eyes, beauty of a poster by Nat Russell! The festival has a blog which you can check out if you can't make it to Brazil.
Surf Photographer Ryan Tatar and the seamouse are working on a collaborative project which should be shown at Shelter at the end of next month. 'one over two' is a series of images of cross processed photographs that appear to have been cut off... but were so taken purposely. The second "half" is being illustrated by the seamouse. The result will be "half photograph" and "half drawing". A sneaky working sketch 'leaked' above.


Chum said...

Dude! That 1 over 2 show looks like it's going to be amazing! Nice work (AGAIN!).

bandit chief said...

great idea guys - the perfect collab