Thursday, January 21, 2010

Waiting by the woodshed

In the country.
In a small town.
Off the beaten path.
Along a small lane.
Down a muddy alley.
We found a rusty shed.
Inside the balding man sold treasures of the old world with the balding woman.

We liked the ladders.
But were content with our altitude.

And we liked the old treasure maps.

And like a child at christmas we enjoyed the packaging more than the contents.

And when we left I heard a voice from the woodshed.
And there she stood next to some planks.
Covered in mud.
Relaxing in the shade.
Damaged but not unfixable.

For $50 you parted ways with the balding man
and Just a little patience and a little love is all it took to get you well.


Jamie Watson said...

She's a beautiful board.

I loved this: "We liked the ladders.
But were content with our altitude."

bandit chief said...