Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Watcha reading?

I haven't bought a surf magazine for the longest time, There really seems no point to me anymore. Seeing as I'm not really bothered in who beat who in what tittle anymore the world of surf blogs keeps me plenty entertained with beautiful photos, new board design, artistic goings on and whatever else may swing my mood that particular day.

Free to you and me though are a couple of online surf mags which unlike there printed brethren (Surfers Journal excluded) provide some great articles written with intelligence and a bit more individual insight into the surfing world of others. You you do a lot worse than adding them to a nice cup of coffee in the morning.Drift Magazine is full of beautiful images and words. With submissions from a host of worthwhile individuals it covers a wide range. To get the best out of it make sure you read both the US version and the European version as the articles are totally different.

Liquid Salt is pretty new but is already becoming a Favorite read. The format is your simple question and answer interview but they make a point of interviewing some less well known individuals whose answers are just as enlightening.

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