Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Almond Tease

Hello hep cats.
Girls can never have enough handbags or shoes and I'm sorry, but you just gotta be cool with that. Less famous but equally as important is that guys can never have enough T shirts.
The crew at Almond know and respect such fundamental laws of society and to help everyone out have put a little seamouse on cotton.
Cotton is white or black and wearing one will instantly make you the cats whiskers, the bees knees, the mutts nuts and the squirrels armpit.
Modern dandies can get there grubby mitts on them here and should cast there eyes over the other delicious specimens of Tee from talented such talented pen squigglers as Monsieur Knott and Senior Hanai.

1 comment:

Chase said...

Great looking shirts Keiron! I came across your stuff on Tatar's shakas blog a few years back. I would love to talk to you about using some seamouse graphics for a clothing line I am starting. I can get you some more information about us if you are interested. Thanks and keep up the good work!