Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 Pinniped Awards

Damn, 2010 is nearly over and for seamouse it's been a killer one filled with pockets full of super awesomess.

So here's looking back to award things with the awesomeness they deserve.

Most lusted over surfboard 2010
This one:
One of oh'so many beautiful Boards being cranked out by Almond.
Clean lines, clean colour work, oozing style, whats not to love!

Best Album Bought 2010

Best Surfing related Purchase 2010

Been pretty taken back by just how good my TCSS shorts are. No super seam welding technologies here, just a good fit that doesn't rash and a leg length that makes you look like a gentleman not an overgrown toddler.
Well Done TCSS I'll be coming back for more.

Best Non Surfing related Purchase 2010
My cheap as shit Fixie Bike.
Finding another way to nearly kill myself on a daily basis has never been so much fun.
Forget the hipster factor and give one a go, the back to basics approach has rekindled my love with the bicycle.

Bestist Blog 2010
I now get pretty excited over the words 'image pile up'.
Ed (EDIT: and John)has a great eye for style and seemingly must spend hours trawling the internet finding the things I want to see so I don't have to.

Best Day of Surfing 2010
Weirdly, my birthday, 29th July. Waves infront of my house were clean
, head high and barrelling really wide with not many people in (aparently up the coast was even bigger and better). All to a beautiful sunrise.

Most Online Aloha 2010
Jamie Watson
Yes, her of Pineapple Luv, wife of that awesome photographer, soon to be Mother and general sender of good vibes. Keep up the good work Jamie!

Best Surfing Short Watched 2010
So many amazing shorts have been made this year, the quality and creativity of which just get better and better. I recommend watching it as large as possible and on headphones to get the full affect of this stunning 6 min.
Beautiful stuff.

Most enjoyed DVD rented 2010
My local DVD store does 5 for $5 which is awesome as Australian Tv is terrible.
Needless to say I've watched a lot of films.
I wasn't expecting anything with The Brothers Bloom but what I got was a stunner.
If you like your films quirky, with good dialogue and a plot that keeps you guessing then I'd highly recommend it.

Favorite Surfer 2010
This one:
My wife. OK, so She's no Kelly Slater but theres no person I enjoy watching catch waves more.
The smile is there after each wave as she always looks to find me for approval.
Nothing beats sharing the things you love with someone you love.

Stay super awesome 2010, I hear 2011 is going to kick your ass.


pranaglider said...

7/29 really? me too!

Eduardo IƱarritu said...

right on! wicked. glad you're stoked on QP.

I can't take all the credit though, there are two of us over at QP. The other crazy person is John of Chinese Wax Job fame. His 'image pile ups' crush mine.

Happy New Year, Keiron!

Maggie said...

I love this post Keiron! Big love to Ed, Jamie, you and your cute wife :)
Happy New Year!

Rebecca said...

Great post! Hope 2011 is even better for you.

Nathan Oldfield said...

Nice. Fond of your work Keiron. We need to catch up somewhere sometime.