Saturday, August 11, 2012

Blog move.


Wow. So there are some changes afoot!

First - Blogger is a yawn so Pinniped is on the move.  Its now heading to Tumblr, a far more sleek and modern way for me to blog.  Set you new bookmark to: and I'll see you there.

Second - Lets get connected!  Never miss a sporadic update ever again, Seamouse is now on facebook.
You can 'Like' it all you like here:

Third - A proper website! wow wee.

Forth - All illustrations will now be done using either my left hand, right nostril or by channeling the spirit of the great white narwhal.

So you clicked all those links yet?  you have? Rad, now pick up a pen, a surf board or a loved one and go have some fun.

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