Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Art History Of British Surfing

I'm really proud and very exited to be a part of The British Surfing Museums 'An art History of British Surfing' exhibition showing in Thurso, Scotland.

'Full of beautiful nuggets of how the sport of kings has been represented in graphic form, the show has been thoughtfully created by English surfer Pete Robinson. The show is a small but delectable edit of a huge collection of surf memorabilia that Pete hopes to find a permanent home for in Devon this summer.'

A couple of pieces of my work on the wall next to the 'Eco Surfboard' with art by proper artist Conrad Shawcross.

Seamouse Loves: Blk Jks


Jamie Watson said...

Yeah, right on seamouse!

Pete said...

Does this mean you're an inproper artist?

seamouse said...

I always thought of myself more a piss artist.

rebeccajane said...

Wow! An official part of British surfing history!