Thursday, May 7, 2009

From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow.

Threw this piece up at the new Seed Surf Shop over the weekend.


The hairy worm at work with lego hair in full force

Sweet Boards, T's, a bunch of art and a good cuppa tea

Seed's also showing a collection of my work as well as some beautiful pieces by Dan Crockett.
Opening night was a super fun low key affair with BBQ, Booze and some chilled tunes provided by The Peoples String Foundation.
Big thanks to Mikey & Charlie (and Brook) for their great hospitality.
If you're around Wadebridge stop by the shop and check it all out.

Seamouse Loves: The Peoples String Foundation


Anonymous said...

wow could they rip off mollusk anymore?

Jamie Watson said...

The Seamouse mural and prints look so good!

Thank you for all of the bands you post here, too. They are always new to me.

Also, amazing news about OZ!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Loving that mural.

Mimi Roterman

richard esq said...

nice to meet you there squire with mr crockett
my lego hair was a tad wafty in the wind with tweed trench coat trimmings:)

great cups of tea :)

Anonymous said...

yeah have to agree the seed name and logo is a bit suspect why not just call it sprouts and t moes rip off surf emporium. christ try for an original idea will ya!

JC said...

Lovin the artwork, boards and threads!Glad to see a shop with a bit of identity offering something different to everything else in kernow!

Shame about the negative comments, presumably these peeps were after another surf shop JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER ONE!

The guys at SEED work hard to make all their own top notch resin tinted skateboards, surfboards, and print thier own threads in-house! Not another brand in sight!

Not exactly 'run of the mill' for this country is it! Grow up and show some support!

Anonymous said...

sorry mate i think the point has gone over yer head in case you missed it the retro hipster cool underground whatever is the corporate look

JC said...

No I understand the point quite clearly, I just think its misguided! The only other shop in Kernow with the 'retro hipster cool underground whatever' vibe is revolver but unlike SEED they're selling other peoples gear! Also a cool shop with some lovely stuff but hardly the same. My point is, both are clearly infulenced by the whole Cali scene but what's wrong with that, are you seriously saying seamouse isn't influenced by the certain artists within the surf culture. Maybe you intend to label him as rip of too!

One guy working out of a metal shed is hardly corporate! Presumably you're a big supporter of the new up and coming grass roots shops like quicksilver boardriders!

Just voicing the other side of the argument but we're all entitled to our own opinion!

Anonymous said...

Oooh. Interesting back and forth that one. Way i see it is humans need ideology to gear their dreams, so whats wrong with following what inspires you? Otherwise you just end up insulting other peoples preferences online...